Throwback – Letter To God Two

I had a great night tonight

I love my wife so much
I cannot even imagine how you came up with such a great person for me.
I am thoroughly convinced that you know me better than I know myself

I am still thinking about the stuff I read in mark today… Am I drawing conclusions too quickly? it is pretty clear that lack of faith on the people’s part had something to do with how many were healed. Did jesus pray for people that didn’t get healed?
this would make some sense to me.. but I also know he heard your spirit very clearly in comparison to me… not that I cannot attain that same hearing. I believe that people are healed. and that people that have faith can be healed. but is there a requirement that the person believes they can be healed?

I would like to understand prayer better and how we know what you are doing. I want to go beyond the cliche and see what you are doing. I don’t even know what that means! 🙂 but I know that it is possible. give me vision… spiritual sight I am tired of being blind


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