State of the Union Address

My fellow Americans, propaganda time! Please be sure to pay attention to all the special people we scoured the country to find, vetted and did background checks to make sure they would not create any political fallout. Remember you are number one because we say you are number one, and we put you first… because that’s what you want us to tell you… We will follow this by feel-good statistics and lots of cheering because honestly, the goal is to overwhelm you with good vibes so you will ignore the bigger issues behind this whole charade. Ultimately you are a dollar sign and we need your meat suit to keep making us money so we can keep the world working… God bless America!

Oh, and the democrats are lame…simply because they can’t even write a fucking speech that refutes a single fucking point, Instead, they spew their own version of lame propaganda that says they are awesome and they have done such great things…actually they gave tons of examples of people that actually do shit for themselves and said that it was bad that it had to be that way…

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