Blog News, an RSS oops and a comment about comments

Just a quick note… I did not realize that my RSS feed has been set up wrong… so for anyone that has attempted to subscribe I sincerely apologize. I believe everything is fixed and subscribing should work better now.

On to the news… as you can probably tell I have hit a streak of opinionation (if that is a word) so maybe the writers block is over ? woo hoo! I have successfully shed 30 lbs of dead weight and feeling pretty good lately (queue witty comments about “dead weight” here) Anyways I have a lot more energy and have actually considered going outside to do something other than getting into a vehicle :) I guess I owe you a post on why I am losing weight so keep an eye out for it…

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About comments,

I really wish that my loyal readers would be half as prolific a the spammers that visit my blog! I am up to 40 or more spam comments a day! And while i really appreciate their efforts, it is much more fun to read “Actual” comments by human beings that enjoy reading… or have some feed back. so take a second to just, i dunno … let me know whether you love or hate the stuff I write! at least try to top what the spammers are doing! :)

jason the bald guy



One thought on “Blog News, an RSS oops and a comment about comments

  1. congrats on the weight loss. my wife leads a “First Place” group at Vineyard that focuses on spirit led weight control and health, maybe you could be a “guest speaker” or something. ……maybe we can look to you for your upcoming guest spot on “OPRAH”……maybe not :-)

    Ridiculous grace upon your bald head
    Greg R

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