Anxiety and Stress

I have worked in high stress environments for enough years to know the signs of stress fatigue,  burnout, anxiety, depression, and all the colorful in-between areas.  So why do we do we let it happen?  Why does workplace related stress plague a majority of our population?   The number one issue that workers deal with is high demands with little or no control over their situation.  People have a huge misconception about stress,  I can’t tell you how many time people have told me smugly, ” That stuff doesn’t bother me, It rolls off me like water off a ducks back”  Stress is about your boundaries.  Anyone that you decide to give permission to make demands on your life for any reason is a potential stress factor.  Having healthy boundaries are what protects you from stress.   I have quit jobs, hobbies, irritated plenty of people in the maintenance of my personal boundaries.   Granted not everyone understands quitting a job over such things. I had my bout with prescription anxiety medicine…  It just isn’t for me.

The thing is there is not much in life that is worth the kind of stress thats killing us all… medicating us all.    The stress of being in debt, so we have to work… to pay bills… so we can stay in debt.   I would guess that pretty much describes almost anybody reading this.   So look at your situation… figure out if the things that are causing you stress are worth what you are putting into them.

God Bless.




Dream of writing words one day

that would say the things that you might say

in a way that you would stop and ponder

if you could write a song and wonder…


If there was an undiscovered thought

that you could bring to light

and somehow give a lover words

or inspire a poet to write…


A string of thoughts so skillfully wielded

that others would simply hang as wilted

flowers soaking up an afternoon shower

then blooming fresh with renewed life…


Is full of compromises

Do I create my own demises

Am I afraid of my own success

Or is it that I will accept nothing less


Than perfection makes me feel boring

I can’t see the details of a pristine thought

like i can’t see the trees in a perfect forest

so I sit and think and and I…


Dream of writing words one day

that would say the things that you might say

in a way that you would stop and ponder

that you could write a song and wonder…


copyright: jasonthebaldguy –